Nectaroscordum meliophilum
Mon, 26 May 2003 09:17:34 PDT
As follow up to an earlier discussiojn on Nectaroscordum, in bloom now is 
Nectaroscordum meliophilum from the Saint Petersburg Botanic Garden, said to have 
originally been from Crimea, this "species" is generally considered a synonym 
of N. siculm ssp. bulgaricum.  However, I have kept the name under which it 
was received from a very knowledgeable taxonomist and plant explorer.  I will 
write to him and try to ascertain why he kept the name "meliophilum", perhaps 
he feels it is distinct enough to warrant separation from N. siculum ssp. 

The outside of the tepals are dark brownish-olive-rose color with white 
flared tips, eventually opening into lovely white bells softly tinged olive and 
dull rose on the outside.  Some flowers have 7-8 tepals instead of the normal 6.  
It is 24" (60 cm) tall in bloom.  Photos taken May 25, 2003.  The three 
photos are in order of flower development.………

... or go to the PBS wiki Nectaroscordum page at:…

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