TOW Nerine Part 2

Thu, 01 May 2003 23:10:12 PDT
Hi   all,

Thanks  to  Hamish  for  his  comprehensive introduction  and  to the  other

In our Tasmanian  climate Nerines  have   always  tended  to be a  plant
and  forget bulb  requiring no  special  attention, rewarding  with  a
wonderful  autumn  display.  I  am  giving  more  attention to  a  couple
of  the  summer  rainfall  species  which  are  reasonably  new  to  me  -
krigei  and  laticoma -  I  want  to  get  them  well  established  before
I try  overwintering  them  in the  ground.

I  grow  species  from    summer and  winter  rainfall  areas  and  the
evergreen  species with  success. I  also  grow  a  reasonable  range  of
hybrids  which  show  no  evidence   of  virus  .



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