TOW Nerines

Lyn Edwards
Fri, 02 May 2003 03:37:08 PDT
	Nerines are one of the joys of autumn in this city, the very large stands
of N.bowdenii and N.flexuosa alba in the older suburbs are a joy to see at
this time of year. They thrive and expand with no obvious attention at all.
We have many frosts in winter and I have not seen any damage to foliage at
all.This is about Zone 8 USDA.
	I grow mainly winter growing species and hybrids and they receive almost
total neglect apart from some watering in midsummer and some low nitrogen
fertiliser after flowering.
Hamish asked about N.bowdenii Manina, as far as I'm aware what is on sale
here as manina forest form is the only one here of that name,I would be
interested to hear if others in Oz know of any other ?
	 Mine are flowering for the first time after planting in July last year
and I'm most impressed with the lovely very pale pink flowers on very long
stems, they were advertised to grow to 1.2 metres tall and at this time
towards the end of the first flowering are almost at the metre mark, I have
posted an image to the wiki of these. A botanist friend on seeing them
thought they did not look bowdenii to him.
	As for the hybrids, I have been buying hybrids as they become available, I
don't know much about them but assume with names like Dunkirk and Spitfire
for example these may be originally from England.Some are producing more
than one flowering stem per bulb and that is very welcome. Rob has said that
the hybrids he is growing seem to be healthy and I feel the same about those
I have also,Alberto's suggestion that all hybrids in Oz are virus affected
is very scary stuff, I shall watch mine carefully,
Lyn Edwards

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