Myster bulbs Watsonia

Ann Marie
Fri, 30 May 2003 09:57:25 PDT
Thank you Mary Sue I think I've got it.  I made my 1st entry into the wiki this morning with Mary Sue's help. 
Watsonia mystery bulbs.  I've had these bulbs for a long time some several years never knowing their names, because it didn't matter at the time, they were just special to me.  My mother's friends had given them to me when I bought my 1st home (I'm into my 2nd now) and they said they have had them in their gardens for over 50 years. But since I've joined this group I'm on a quest to ID my garden. Photo 1 and 4 are tall, over 3.5 foot tall and photo 2 and 3 are dwarf under 3 ft tall.  The org dwarf seems to multiply better than the light pink dwarf. Both of the dwarfs I've had for 20 years.  The others maybe only 10 years. I live in Souther California, in the San Gabriel Valley.  Due to the weather here I only have to remove bulbs or any plant for dividing.  So some of these clump are getting big. If anyone has any idea on their names I would love to now and give them the recognition they deserve. Ann Marie Rametta.…………

Ann Marie Rametta

So. California, San Gabriel Valley, Zone 21 (Sunset Western Garden book)  

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