Ookow-Dichlostemma TOW

Jane McGary janemcgary@earthlink.net
Fri, 30 May 2003 09:11:32 PDT
Ken Hixson wrote,

>         Incidentally, in more than twenty years, the Bloomeria has 
> survived +5F
>at least once, and I see no reason to believe it is not entirely hardy here.
>I will admit that it rarely stays at +5F for more than an hour or two, so the
>cold probably doesn't penetrate the ground.  The +15F usually given may be
>inaccurate, simply reflecting the coldest it has gotten in its native range
>in California.

I have Bloomeria crocea, grown from seed of a population in the coastal 
hills between Monterey and Salinas, in my rock garden where it has survived 
5 F for a lot longer than an hour or two (I live in the same region as Ken 
but at a higher elevation). I was surprised by its persistence. The plants 
on the rock garden flower a week or so later than those in the bulb frame, 
which are much more robust, I must admit. For comparison, Alstroemeria 
psittacina, which Ken mentioned as invasive in his garden, does not survive 
the winters here. Dichelostemma congestum and Triteleia hyacinthina both 
grow well in the open garden in a well-drained border, as do several other 
Triteleia species. I am gradually adding species to the garden as I get a 
surplus in the frame collection.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon but probably more like Z6

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