South African Oxalis source

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 17 Nov 2003 10:53:38 PST
Dear All,

Christiaan from South Africa has agreed to let me pass on the following 

"Another supplier of Oxalis bulbs are Sheilam cactus nursery, at Robertson 
(South Africa).  They supplied me with the following: caprina, carnosa, 
ciliaris, compressa, convexula, dichotoma,
fergusoniae, flava, hirta, livida, obtusa, pardalis f klaasvoogdensis, 
pes-caprae, polyphylla, pubescens, pulchella, tomentosa, viscidula. I do 
not know whether they have a web site
(have not try to look for one), but their e-mail address is:"

No mention if they export, but perhaps someone could email them and let us 

Mary Sue 

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