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Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 17 Nov 2003 10:58:55 PST
Dear All,

Here are a few follow-ups to our topic of the week. Bill Dijk has posted a 
lot of images to the Oxalis pages on the wiki. Unfortunately, he did not 
realize that I had created a special page for all the South African species 
since already the Oxalis page was getting to be very long. So I have 
attempted to redo the page to pull off his images of the South African 
species and add them to the other page. So don't panic Bill. Your images 
are still there!

Bill's images of Oxalis in mass flowering once again demonstrate how good 
he is at growing bulbs and remind me of why Diana Chapman first attracted 
me to this genus by describing her benches as dazzling!

I need some help with a few of them however. He has this picture of Oxalis 
cernua which he says is a double yellow. The picture is just of leaves 
however. Looking in the Manual of Bulbs it says Oxalis cernua is a synonym 
of Oxalis pes-caprae. So should this be listed on the South African page 
under that Oxalis? I have tentatively moved it there.


He has a picture of Oxalis peridicaria. Short of a web search which I 
didn't have time to do all I can find out about this one is that Paul 
Tyerman grows it. Can anyone tell me about it so I know where it belongs?

He also has a picture of Oxalis fabaefolia. This one was discussed on the 
Australian list and someone gave a reference for it that put it in South 
Africa so I have moved it there. Also it seems to be confused with Oxalis 
namaquana but I think the consensus was that they were separate species. Is 
this right?

The Manual of Bulbs describes Oxalis lobata which he also pictures as being 
from Chile. Is this correct? Does anyone want to write some text for it for 
the wiki page?

He also has a picture of Oxalis tetraphylla which we discussed earlier in 
the year when it was  mixed up with Oxalis triangularis. He has it as a 
synonym of Oxalis deppei. Which name is preferred, tetraphylla or deppei? I 
have put it under tetraphylla since that is how it was addressed in our 
earlier discussion.

What do people think we should do with cultivar names? I notice there are 
several names for the various forms of Oxalis purpurea. Are these official? 
Should I be including them in the wiki names as a cultivar name or just 
write that say in California this form of Oxalis purpurea with purple 
leaves in known as Garnet and in New Zealand it is known as Nigrescens.

Ooh I really like that color of the Oxalis pardalis flower although I read 
that it comes in many different colors (white, yellow, lilac, deep pink, 
purple or reddish-purple). Interesting that the one Bill shows is orange 
which isn't mentioned. I guess it needs to be one I look for next year.

Thanks all of you in advance for helping me to make our wiki page accurate.

Mary Sue 

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