Jane McGary
Sun, 02 Nov 2003 12:45:40 PST
I have heard from my friend, the expert, on the matter of an on-line 
bibliography. Turns out that I need someone to program it, and he 
recommends that I set up my own virtual server, which is "also fun."

I'm not quite ready for this, and indeed could not do the website myself 
because I don't have access to anything beyond a dial-up connection. 
However, I still think it's a good project to work on sometime, somewhere.

My fall-back position is that we can include basic references to genera on 
the "Information" page of the wiki. This would merely involve citing a 
current monograph or other very useful work. For example, on the Crocus 
page the introduction can include citation of Brian Mathew's monograph "The 
Crocus" (with mention of the fact that it is out of print, and that about 
half a dozen new taxa have been described since its publication). The 
Fritillaria page can include Phillips & Rix's "Bulbs" paperback and Rix's 
entry in the "AGS Encyclopaedia of Alpines," and probably also mention of 
the "Gardener's Guide to Fritillaries" if just to steer people away from it.

I'll add these references as I happen to post new pictures and notes on the 
wiki, and I hope others will also.

Jane McGary

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