Note from Matt Mattus

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 02 Nov 2003 15:34:20 PST
Hi all, Enjoy these Nerines!

I am new to the group. have not officially joined yet but I am receiving the
e-mails,and just want to say that this looks like an excellent group to be a
part of. real active subjects, and less politics than other groups!.

I already know some of you (Hi to Jim S., Harold K. , Lee P., Daryl G. ,and
John I.) How are you all.

Attached is a photo that I took this morning of some great Nerine sarniensis
hybrids.  these are old Exbury hybrids. With about 75 bulbs growing, I have
about 90% blooming, which has me very pleased since last year I only has 3
bloom. These have been potted for about three years.

I live in Central Massachusetts, which is USDA Zone 5, where I keep many
bulbs in a glass greenhouse which is approximately 30' by 23'. I have two
plunge beds of S.A. bulbs, of various species a-z, as well as some bigger
tubs of the larger things like Chasmanthe. All new for me this year, as I
get sucked into the new interest of South African bulbs even more. You know
how it goes!

I have a passion for Clivia as many of you know, and for breeding Nerine
sarniensis and Lachenalia,  a new passion (Thanks Jim for getting me
interested in these!, I now have about 25 species I think, without counting.
That database discussion is starting to make more sense!

  in the greenhouse today the Winter Oxalis are just starting to bloom, I
have over 30 species ever since seeing the lecture at the IBS Huntington
symposium) with some O. hirta and O. Purpurea 'primrose" opening today in a
larger clay pot where it is even bigger than last year, I am suspecting that
not disturbing the bulbs during their summer rest is key.

Also, I do have a mature Cryptostephanus currently in bloom, it is white,
with a pale pink blush. (A gift from visiting Mr. Yoshikazu Nakamura). This
is the first time that it has bloomed.

Cheers to all( Mary, it this how I should send in a pic? How do I join the
group, through the Web site?)


warm regards

Matt Mattus
Worcester, MA 01607
USDA Zone 5A (5-F-10F)
Note from Mary Sue:
This post did not get through to the list since it had an attachment which 
is not allowed. I have downsized Matt's picture as I am sure many of you 
would like to see it and it was way too big for the wiki. And in addition 
since the upload file part of the wiki is still not working, I have 
transferred this in through ftp which only Mark M. and I can do. To see it,…

Welcome to our list Matt. If you want to join the Pacific Bulb Society and 
be able to participate in the BX from now through 2004 you can find an 
application form on our wiki and web site:…

I'll write you privately about how to use the wiki.

Mary Sue 

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