Too many Amaryllis photos

Michael Mace
Sat, 08 Nov 2003 20:10:47 PST
Jim W. wrote:

>>I wonder why there are no pics of named Amaryllis belladona...

In my case, it's just because I don't have any named varieties.  In fact,
I've almost never seen any in catalogs.  (Maybe I'm reading the wrong
catalogs.)  The only named one I saw at Mr. Hannibal's was labeled "Rubra."
I have a bulb of it, but it hasn't bloomed yet.

Diane W. wrote:

>>You mention a number of times that you are selecting for flowers arranged
radially.  This is a good idea for a garden plant

I can't take credit for thinking of this -- Mr. Hannibal told me the best
ones were radial, so that's what I tried to dig.  It's very hard to pick the
radial ones when they're in seed, though -- the flowers often bloom
one-sided and then the stems straighten out radially as the seeds mature.

To me, the really interesting thing about these flowers is that there are so
many characteristics you could choose to breed for -- radial shape, size of
flowers, stripes and other color patterns, timing of bloom, ruffles, etc.
And I didn't mention scent, which ranges from fairly strong to obnoxiously
sweet.  My wife won't let me bring any cut Amaryllis flowers into the house
because she says they give her a headache.

When I made my first digging trip to Mr. Hannibal's place, he said he liked
the idea that people would be carrying on with breeding and selecting these
plants -- so go for it!  It'll be fun to compare online the progress we all
make (Paul T, I agree strongly with what you said about the Internet and how
it broadens our horizons).

San Jose, CA (zone 9, min temp 20F)

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