Too many Amaryllis photos!

Jim Lykos
Sat, 08 Nov 2003 19:36:56 PST
Hi Michael,

I can only repeat what has been said earlier - thanks,   its great to 
see the results of Les Hannibal's hybridising with Amaryllis Multiflora 
I have been wondering for some time  what  happened to his Amaryllis 
collection and  have been hoping  that someone will display flower 
images.   'Bullseye' is certainly very attractive and distinctive. The 
development of excellent striped forms should  be  a reality in our life 
times; there was a  Multiflora variety sold  by an Australian nursery 
called  Shepherds around 1889,  called  WG Ainsworth. This variety is 
described as large, pure white with a crimson stripe down the centre of 
each tepal. We havent found it yet - but we should be able to recreate 
this colour form.


Jim Lykos
Australia  Zone 9b/10

Michael Mace wrote:

>Thanks to some very gracious help from Mary Sue, the Wiki has now gone from
>having only a couple of Amaryllis photos to having too darned many.
>I finally got around to digitizing photos of all the Les Hannibal Amaryllis
>"multiflora" bulbs I received several years ago (at least, the ones that
>have bloomed so far).  Now you can see the whole range, from white to really
>dark pink, with lots of interesting variation.  Well, it's interesting if
>you're into this stuff.
>If you want to look at only one photo, check out the one I labeled
>San Jose, CA
>Zone 9 (min temp 20f)
>PS:  Would you believe it -- one of the multifloras is still in bloom today,
>three months after the blooming season started.
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