Sinningia leucotrica vs canescens

John Ingram
Sun, 23 Nov 2003 09:36:14 PST
Great descriptions. I just have a few comments. There
are 2 species, leucotricha and canescens. There is
great confusion between the 2 species. I even posted
the photo to the wiki incorrectly. What I have is
leucotricha. The true S. canescens can be viewed here:…
S. canescens has less hairs on the stem, leaves are
not as hirsute and the flowers are spotted. The
leucotricha plants that were oringinally brought into
cultivation were incorrectly labeled as canescens and
thus have remained as such. The one I bought at the
Huntington was incorrectly labeled as canescens. 
I do have to disagree with you about them not being
good for the open garden. Leucotricha is a great plant
for that. I have mine out in pots but I have seen it
several times in gardens where it was just beautiful.
Yes, the plant would get dirty/soiled if steps are not
taken but, a little mulch or planting it next to a
patio or walkway where there is some hardscape is
I have attempted to cross this species with 2 other
plants, S. sellovi and magnifica. No rhyme or reason,
just they were in bloom at the same time. It looks
like the pollen has taken. We will see what I get. 
The real nice thing about Sinningias is the short time
between seed and bloom. 
I have never been able to get this one to root from
cuttings. I have tried before bloom, when just
forming, after bloom, etc. No luck. 
I also have a ton of stems that form on the bulb but
never more than 3 ever grow. The rest remain as a fuzz
over the bulb. I have seen photos of specimens with 17
stems on them. Now that would be just gorgeous. 
I am not aware of any chemical or temp control to
force bloom. I think it is more of a timed production
from bulbs that are formed from leaf cuttings. This is
the most common form of production for the "Florist
Gloxinia" (S. speciosa hybrids). If I remember right
it takes 6-8 months from leaf cutting to 6" pot in
bloom for retail sales. Not a bad production time. 

John Ingram in L.A., CA. 
Soon to become check it out soon

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