Sinningia - TOW

John Ingram
Sun, 23 Nov 2003 09:46:54 PST
Here is a link back to a previous posting to Mark
about how to start them from seeds. 
As I get more seeds available, I will be sending more
to Dell for the BX. 
If anyone is interested in a few of the primary
hybrids that I have tried, email me privately. I have
a few to sell but not many. And I am not sure if the
cross actually took or not. Sinningias are rather
promiscuous and open pollination is rather hard to
My grouping of S. sellovii is a major fight zone for
all the hummingbirds in the neighborhood. I've been
caught in more attacks than I prefer. They go to other
plants in the garden as well such as the leucotricha
right next to it but it is a lot lower and I don't
think they always see it. 
My S. magnifica is a gorgeous, large flowered plant. I
have tried crossing it with sellovii. S. magnifica had
a huge flush of blooms and produced tons of seed. I
have a crop of them coming along now. It is a lovely
salmon peach. I hope that the cross with sellovii
works as sellovii has a long bloom time (all year
almost) but the individual flowers are not as
impressive but are produced by the zillions. So
something in between would be great.  Time will tell.

John Ingram in L.A., CA. 
Soon to become check it out soon

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