TOW and more
Thu, 06 Nov 2003 14:57:34 PST
Dear Mary Sue, Dear All!

First of all I want to thank Mary Sue for the wonderful job she has been doing 
for such a long time. She has always help at hand when not so skilled 
computerists get stranded.......... and she is a nice person I am sure 
although I have never met her personally.
Please Do not retire from the list! Of course you are allowed a rest if 
necessary, but retiring.......... not allowed.

I very much enjoy the topics of the week although I did not contribute a lot 
recently, I am  so very busy. But I always look at the list of topics and read 
those that sound interesting. However, I noticed that some contributions do not 
appear in the list of topics that comes first, having noticed that when my own 
contribution did not appear in the list of topics but was then found lower down 
but looking strange with a lot of useless data included. This may explain that 
some people do not respond or their messages may get lost. (Hope it does not 
happen with this one....)

I very much like the suggestion of a regular topic of what to do in Northern 
and Southern Hemisphere, this would open the eyes on how other people garden in 
different parts of the world and will for sure give new ideas and perhaps 

I do not see the necessity to have a topic each and every week and neither 
being Mary Sue the manager of all this all the time. Why can these things not 
be distributed in some way or the other? My time is limited but I am happy to 
do further topics in the future as long as I know about them early enough. It 
is very rewarding to write these contributions and has led to many new 
contacts, informations and last but not least new plants! So I would also like 
to encourage other people to do so.

All the best with many greetings from uncomfortable cold wet and windy Germany


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