Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 06 Nov 2003 17:47:29 PST
Dear All,

I believe the wiki is now working again. There was a serious technical 
problem with it today and in order to resolve it, it was necessary to put 
on an old index file which has removed the Hawaiian theme. No longer will 
you see crashing waves and get messages about your attention to detail is 
appreciated. Now it is just bare bones, but the pictures are there and the 
information is there. I am afraid that we will just have to be happy with 
it as it is. I have been working with support on the wiki for almost 4 
weeks now when Mark and I first tried to see if we could control the 
strange and large files that someone has been adding to the wiki. I was 
told today  that we are supposed to know how to solve these problems on our 
own so am grateful to the man who helped me resolve today's difficulties. 
I'll need to change a few of the instructions to conform with how it looks 
now. When the upload file was fixed, the size of the files that can be 
uploaded was limited so if anyone puts up a file over 100 kb., it won't be 
added. So be sure and look at what size your file is before you add it so 
you won't be frustrated. You can continue to ask me or one of the Marks to 
help you if you need assistance with the wiki.

Mary Sue


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