Wiki File Names

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 19 Nov 2003 11:17:33 PST
Dear All,

Please please name the picture files you load to the wiki with the Genus 
name first. Mark McDonough and I still look at all the files each day to 
remove the strange ones. We recently figured out a way to slow down on some 
of the ones that were going up that didn't belong there. It's usually a 
clue for us if it has a strange name. If I need to find a file later for 
any reason it makes my job so much easier if I know where to look for it. 
The logical way to find it is under the Genus name. We have so many files 
now that looking through them is a chore.

Please please reference the wiki page instead of the file name when you 
announce you have added to the wiki. If you list the files by name, then if 
they are renamed later (which we no doubt will do eventually with John 
Ingram's recent images), the link will no correct in the archives and 
people won't find the picture. If you have referenced the page instead, 
even if the file name is changed, people will still be able to find the 

So I suggest you write a note like this:
I have recently added a number of pictures of Sinningia X to the wiki 
Sinningia page and then reference it not the file names.

Thank you John for adding all these images for the topic of the week when I 
know you are busy also for keeping your file size down. I am sure that all 
the fans of Sinningia will be happy to look at them.

Mary Sue
Weary Wiki Worker

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