Sinningia photos uploaded

John Ingram
Wed, 19 Nov 2003 10:51:53 PST
I have loaded a few images of some of my siningias to
the wiki:

Here is a relatively new comer to the collector world.
It was discovered a few years ago. S. iarae has proven
to be hardy in NC and has been used extensively in a
lot of primary hybrids in hopes of increasing color

This is a nice primary hybrid of leucotricha x iarae.
It also is a stable F2, coming true from seed:…
And a close up of the flowers with back lighting:…

Another hybrid with iarae. This one has glazioviana as
a seed parent. Somewhere there is a recesive gene from
bronze foliage as that is what the leaves are in full
sun. It is quite striking when in bloom. I have had 2
flushes of flowers this year on small plants. My
plants are in 1 gallon containers and stand about 10"

This is a beautiful blooming specimen. I have tried
crossing this with a few other species to see what I
will get:…

This is one of the most common species grown, S.
leucotricha (sometimes mistakingly sold as canescens).
It is quite often sold by succulent growers because of
the caudex which is usually exposed that can be quite
attractive. The flowers are a beautiful salmon and
open before the leaves are fully formed. These small
leaves will expand over a month or so to reach 6-8"

Here is a rare red form of S. douglasii:…
And a photo of the growth:…

This is a large leaf plant with few flowers. I want to
use this in some hybrids to increas plant size. The
leaves can reach 10" across each and have the feel of
sandpaper. It is quite interesting:…

Lee P. has posted a picture of this before but here is
another shot of 'Tante'. This is a great plant for the
open garden:…

Sinningia tubiflora is an incredible plant. It has
proven to be hardy to zone 6 in sheltered locations
and I am trialling it in zone 5 (Canton, OH). The
flowers are really sweet. It reminds me of Fruit Loops
cereal. It can form nice colonies over time:…

Here are several photos of my S. sellovii. One is the
blooms and the other one is three full plants in 5 and
7 gallon containers:……

If any one has questions, let me know. Alberto can add
some thoughts as well I'm sure.

John Ingram in L.A., CA. 
Soon to become check it out soon

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