Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 11:39:17 PST
Dear All,

I'm not sure I thanked everyone for providing me with the information about 
Oxalis so I could make corrections on the Oxalis wiki pages. Like Jane I 
live in a rural area with a slow connection so working on the wiki is very 
time consuming for me but I think I have made most of the changes and added 
a link to Robin Attrill's introduction for the topic of the week as well. 
Thank you all. Let me know if I have missed something. And does anyone have 
any information about Oxalis tomentosa which is illustrated by Bill Dijk?

I haven't yet found the time to write about the cultivars using the email 
address supplied by David Victor, but hopefully will find time.

Because I am the proud owner of a watercolor painting by Zoƫ Carter (A 
grouping of a Moraea, Babiana, and Geissorhiza) I especially loved the 
Collection of Oxalis that Bill Dijk added to the bottom of the Oxalis page. 
I wondered if he could identify what each one was and he kindly added names 
so I have added a second photo with the names written over the different 
species. Since most all of them are South African I have added this picture 
to the South African Oxalis page as well at the bottom. So if you missed 
this you might want to look at it.

Other additions to the South African page are a picture of Oxalis karooica 
furnished by Andrew Wilson of his plants currently in bloom and one I took 
yesterday of Oxalis commutata which increases to a frightening degree and 
blooms for me in fall. From my experience it increases much faster than the 
Oxalis I have from Michael Vassar he identified as O. caprina which has 
tiny tufted leaves. That one is supposed to be weedy. Anyone outside of 
South Africa found that to be true? Oxalis commutata is illustrated in my 
Karoo field guide where is is described as appearing in flats after good 
spring rains. In the Cape it blooms from April to June which makes me 
wonder if you could manipulate it so you could have some going in the fall 
and some in the spring.



Mary Sue

PBS List Administrator, Wiki Worker, TOW Coordinator (Whew!)

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