Robin Attrill robin@rpattrill.freeserve.co.uk
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 14:35:02 PST
Mary Sue,

Some comments:-

>And does anyone have any information about Oxalis tomentosa which is
illustrated by Bill Dijk?

It is a South African species & should be moved to that page.

>Other additions to the South African page are a picture of Oxalis karooica
>furnished by Andrew Wilson of his plants currently in bloom ...

As discussed in previous Emails O karooica does not appear in IPNI or the
mainstream Oxalis literature (including Salters book). The plant illustrated
may be a colour form of O gracilis.

>.........From my experience it increases much faster than the
>Oxalis I have from Michael Vassar he identified as O. caprina which has
>tiny tufted leaves. That one is supposed to be weedy. Anyone outside of
>South Africa found that to be true?

The photos on the wiki labelled as O caprina are not this species which has
multiple flowered peduncles. Michael Vassars collection list (which I am
editing to a suitable format for posting on the wiki) does not allocate
MV4674 to this taxon - it is un-named with a tentative assignment of O.
imbricata. It is not this either! I have the plant in my collection but have
not keyed it out.



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