Not enough Amaryllis !!! - lol

David Fenwick
Sat, 08 Nov 2003 02:57:03 PST
>>>>>which means his genes will be continued in breeding programmes
throughout the world, not just in the US.

Hi Paul,
I fully realise this, and yes the same here at my place as I've quite a few
also, and there are also many in Spain. However at the time of donation and
on the IBS list, there wasn't a lot of interest in keeping what could be
considered 'a collection' of them together in one place, and in the United
States. Obviously where they were bred, and where they really belong.

Full marks to Mike, he's doing a grand job with those he has, and is keeping
a stock of the of the 'original' bulbs alive.

Obviously both better and inferior bulbs could be produced from all the seed
that's flying around, but conserving the original plants from Les's garden
is extremely important.

I'm very much looking forward to the continued breeding though, and think
that there's still a lot of work that can be done, and especially down
under, as Jim's doing a lot of good work. Don't hammer the Scots too much

Best Wishes,

David Fenwick
NCCPG National Plant Heritage Collections of Crocosmia with Chasmanthe and
The African Garden
96 Wasdale Gardens


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