Not enough Amaryllis !!! - lol

Paul Tyerman
Sat, 08 Nov 2003 03:13:51 PST

>I fully realise this, and yes the same here at my place as I've quite a few
>also, and there are also many in Spain. However at the time of donation and
>on the IBS list, there wasn't a lot of interest in keeping what could be
>considered 'a collection' of them together in one place, and in the United
>States. Obviously where they were bred, and where they really belong.

Very true!!  I was just observing that it is wonderful that others of us
have been able to partake of the gene pool as well.  Of course I have no
idea where I am actually going to PLANT the darn things when they need
planting out <sigh!>.... but that is fairly standard for me with my teensy
tiny little corner block on which everything is packed in with the
proverbial shoe-horn.

As I was discussing on the phone this evening with a gentleman from the
UK..... the Internet has made gardening so much wider for so many of us.
Whereas we used to share with friends in the same town or city, or maybe
state or country, we now share worldwide plant material which allows us
things we've never dreamed of owning before.  Some of us with higher
quarantine of course end up a little jealous but if we grow things from
seed we end up with the plants eventually <grin>.  That is the thing I have
found most about these gardening lists..... that the spirit of gardening
can now be shared with people all over the world and we can learn so much
from hearing about others experiences in totally different climates.  The
bulbs and seeds from Les' collection are a fine example as without these
gardening groups they never would have been saved or no-one would ever have
even known about them in teh first place.  Now, so many of us throughout
the world have our own small part of the collection, something we would
never have had without this list.  For all it's quirks and irritations the
Internet really CAN be a wonderful place!! <big grin>

Anyway, I'd best stop rabbiting on.  I just think its great that a group of
people from so diverse countries and growing areas can come together and
discuss things like this, sharing ideas as well as plant material around
the world.  Well done everyone!!

>I'm very much looking forward to the continued breeding though, and think
>that there's still a lot of work that can be done, and especially down
>under, as Jim's doing a lot of good work. Don't hammer the Scots too much

Jim's results will certainly be interesting, that is for sure!!

Half-time and the scores are 9 all........ bring on the Scot-hammering....
Soon Please!!??  <grin>


Paul Tyerman
Canberra, Australia.  USDA equivalent - Zone 8/9

Growing.... Galanthus, Erythroniums, Fritillarias, Cyclamen, Crocus,
Cyrtanthus, Oxalis, Liliums, Hellebores, Aroids, Irises plus just about
anything else that doesn't move!!!!!

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