Syringodea longituba

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 19 Oct 2003 08:39:12 PDT
Hi Mark,

Do you have the Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs (the South African bible I 
heard it called)? You must with all the bulbs you grow from this area. If 
you don't have it, you definitely should get it. It is very cheaply 
purchased through, or at least it was.

I've never grown Syringodea as the only seed I've had never cameup. There 
is a picture and a description in that book although not as clear perhaps 
as yours. It looks very possible. What are the leaves like? (Leaves 5 to 8, 
filiform with a dorsal groove, often twisted.)

To quote from that book,
"Like a small-flowered crocus, syringodeas make a fleeting appearance in 
autumn or early winter, at a time when few other bulbs are in flower."

I'm happy to see what yours looks like.

Mary Sue

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