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Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 19 Oct 2003 08:29:24 PDT
Dear All,

John Ingram told us about Delphinium cardinale, not D. nudicaule. So I 
think this one is wrongly named.
17. Seed of Delphinium nudicaule (as discussed earlier on this list) W
Here is what I wrote:…

Delphinium cardinale is very tall and grows in Southern California in a 
very different kind of habitat then our Delphinium nudicaule from Northern 
California which is a much shorter plant, often found on shady wet banks 
and much earlier blooming. Here is one of the pictures of a very red one in 
the group where John found them that I added to the wiki for John.…

I don't believe Angelo announced to the list when he recently added a 
picture to the wiki of the Iris in item #18. He is gradually adding 
pictures of all the geophytes where he lives in Italy. So for those of you 
who don't look for those phantom pictures being added and are wondering 
about this seed:

Iris pseudopumila is a bearded species (Pogon section), endemic of Apulia 
and Sicily. It is thought to be the ancestral form of all the bearded Iris. 
It grows in shallow stony soils and flowers from January to March. Photo 
taken in habitat by Angelo Porcelli…

Mary Sue 

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