visit to the US

Mark Smyth
Tue, 21 Oct 2003 00:54:05 PDT
hi Jane

many thanks for your input. Trees arent really my thing other than to see
the Red Woods.


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> Mark Smyth is not the first visitor to North America who wants to see a
> of plants and isn't quite sure how much he can fit in! There are some
> states and provinces, especially in the West, that take as long to drive
> end to end (on our good freeways) as it does to drive across most European
> countries.
> Mark, if you want to see alpine flora (and who doesn't?), you may find
> yourself in Colorado, and there are two superlative public gardens there:
> the Denver Botanic Garden and the Betty Ford Alpine Garden in Vail. Within
> an hour's drive of either, you can hike at 11,000 feet and upward.
> In the Pacific Northwest, there are many good places to see wild plants,
> and some public gardens too. The Bellevue Botanic Garden in Seattle is
> admired for its perennial plantings, and the nearby Rhododendron Species
> Foundation for the obvious sort of thing. If you like trees, the Hoyt
> Arboretum in Portland is world-famous, and there are also a staggering
> garden and one of the best Japanese gardens outside Japan in the same
> Many of the Northwest's nurseries, such as Siskiyou Rare Plant Nursery in
> Medford and Northwest Garden Nursery in Eugene, also have remarkable
> display gardens that are open pretty much continually during the growing
> season. If you are going to Canada and find yourself in Vancouver, British
> Columbia, visit the University of British Columbia Botanic Gardens, where
> you can see a renowned Asian collection and a fine rock garden.
> A section of the new book "Rock Garden Design and Construction" (Timber
> Press and NARGS, 2003) describes many public gardens in the USA and
> The focus is on rock gardens but most of those described are just small
> sections of much more complex public botanic gardens.
> Jane McGary
> Northwestern Oregon
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