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Mark Smyth
Tue, 21 Oct 2003 00:51:17 PDT
hi Diane

thats is a fantastic reply to really make me want to go to the mountains.

When I have my itinery planned I would like to hear about private gardens

thanka again for all the input

N Ireland
zone 8

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> Mark,
> Wild is better than gardens.
> The redwoods in northern California.  No more need be said.
> The Siskiyou Mountains along the border between Oregon and
> California.  Lots of endemics.  Every road has different flowers.  If
> you see something in flower, photograph it instead of waiting for a
> better one, because you might not see another one. You could spend
> the whole season there. I saw Trillium rivale in flower March 1, and
> erythroniums follow soon after. April and May are fantastic - more
> trilliums, erythroniums, iris, alliums, calochortus, with the air
> perfumed by hillsides of Rhododendron occidentale in bloom. The
> summer brings lilies and alpine plants at higher elevations. There is
> a wildflower show in a community hall in Glide, Oregon, on the last
> full weekend of April every year.
> Either go there first to see what the plants should look like, or go
> there after to identify everything you've photographed.  There is one
> sample of everything from lichen to trees, and endangered plants are
> represented by pictures.  Everything is labelled. Photographers are
> allowed in early.
> There is a wildflower hotline for early spring desert flowers, but
> I'll leave someone else to write about that because I haven't been
> yet.
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