Bulbs that can be converted to another cycle--TOW

Arnold Trachtenberg arnold@nj.rr.com
Tue, 28 Oct 2003 15:11:15 PST

I have three groups of boophone disticha seedlings to discuss.  The 
first I grew from Silverhill Seeds and all have been grown on northern 
hemisphere schedule. They start growth in early spring while still 
indoors.  I received one from Telos that was already on the Northern 
hemisphere schedule and the last are three bulbs I recently received 
from Croft Nursery as part of a PBS  group order.   They came into 
growth soon after I received them and grew on very well.  Not as lush as 
the seedling raised ones but put up three to four sets of leaves.  I 
water them very sparsely during the winter sometimes just dripping a 
couple of drops of water around the inside rim of the pot.  They sit on 
a pebble tray under HID lights.

Of the  three  eucomis (montana, pole-evansii and comosa)   only two 
started to grow and the comosa has yet to make an appearance above  the 
surface of the pot.


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