Bulbs that can be converted to another cycle--TOW

Angelo Porcelli angelopalm69@inwind.it
Tue, 28 Oct 2003 06:25:03 PST
Hi all,

this is an interesting topic for me. First of all, I would say that I don't try to convert any plant to an opposite cycle, but they do themselves ! Also, with one exception, all these are South African plants.
So, Zanthedeschia aethiopica and Freesia alba, old garden plants in south of Italy, are winter growing here and I suppose the same in southern California. They have sprouted from a while and will be in flower from late January to March, accoridng on the winter temperatures.
Crinum moorei is summer dormant for me, loosing almost all leaves in June-July. Now they are pushing a flush of leaves (in the manner of cycas) and in winter they have a full crown of leaves. Flowering is in late August. I grow several other Crinum species and hybrids, but they seems to grow normally, instead. However, they are young offsets/seedlings, not flowering size yet.
Hippeastrum aulicum is summer dormant too. It looses all leaves in June and they come up again in late September. Now the tip of the flower stalks are visible sideway and they will flower at Christmas time every year.
My Cyrtanthus sanguineus go dormant in summer, but flower in August, sending a couple of leaves together with the stalks. They also send out more leaves in autumn, winter and sping, when they like. However, this is the only reliable Cyrtanthus species I am able to grow.
Finally, I have several Boophone disticha seedlings 3 yrs old which are growing actively now, having been dormant in summer, even in spite of waterings.
Also, I am growing Hieronymiella aurea from seed and they appeared very late this summer, having been green all the past winter and now they are doing the same again, as they were shifting to a winter growing cycle.

that's my 2 cent


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