New Member/Ferraria crispa

Rand Nicholson
Sun, 05 Oct 2003 08:49:14 PDT
Hi Arnold:

>I am a bit confused about your dilemma.  You stated that the 
>ferraria bulbs were on a Mediterranean cycle and you were trying to 
>convert them.    Is it temperature, season or day length that is the 

Maybe all the above ... I have never grown Ferraria crispa before and 
know little about them. My immediate concern is, because they are 
sprouting, to get them potted. I have done that for the ones showing 
signs of growth, but there are others that are not sprouting and I am 
going to try and keep them dormant for as long as they will allow as 
it would be much easier to grow them over the summer out of doors.

>I would guess that the Mediterranean cycle is only different in 
>temperature and day length for you.  I have some South African bulbs 
>that we got as a group order from South Africa and I am converting 
>them to my ( New Jersey) seasonal schedule.

I, eventually, hope to be able to do this also with mine, hopefully 
without any casualties. Jim Shields and Mary Sue have been a great 
help getting me started, the latter sending me archived posts which 
discuss this very thing.

Thanks to all,


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