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Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 05 Oct 2003 11:17:50 PDT
Dear All,

There are a number of people who have promised topic of the week 
introductions for me sometime, but have not confirmed when they will be 
ready. So I have looked over my list of suggested topics to come up with 
some for the rest of the month that will not require a long introduction. 
Hopefully you all will help out by participating. And hopefully some of 
those introductions will be ready for the next month.

I decided it was also time for me to make a list of everything we have 
talked about so far. That helps me be sure I am not introducing a topic 
already discussed. Some time I will make a Wiki page for this as well so 
that people can easily figure out where to look in the archives for these 
topics. So here they are so far:

November 2002
Growing from Seed
Difficult Seeds

December 2002
Favorite Books
Digital Photography of Plants and subsequent manipulation
Favorite Urls
Favorite Urls-List members web sites

January 2003
Bulbs for Pacific Northwest Gardens
Eremurus (Informal Choice)

February 2003
Crocus Species in the Garden
Schizostylis/Hesperantha a confused genus
British Native bulbs and their allies

March 2003
Favorite Sources of Bulbs and Seed
Bulbs for Mediterranean Gardens
Coping with Cold (Bulbs for frozen soil)

April 2003
Growing Tender Bulbs in Cold Climates
Bulbs for Continental climates, Upper Midwest

May 2003
Vegetative Propagation
Favorite Bulbs for Shade

June 2003
Species Lilies
Bulbs for Texas
Favorite Bulb Combinations
Dwarf Alstroemeria

July 2003
Dahlia species
Woody Irids
Memory Bulbs

August 2003
Bulbs that flower without leaves
Unexpected Reappearing Bulbs

September 2003
Bulbs with Surprising Hardiness
Shy Bloomers/Supposedly Shy Bloomers
IBSA Symposium 2003/Visit to South Africa

Here are the ones for the rest of October:
Landscaping with Bulbs
Companion Plants to Bulbs
Bulbs that can be converted to another cycle

Mary Sue
PBS List Administrator, Wiki Worker, TOW Coordinator (Whew!)

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