Brunsvigia grandiflora seeds

Brian Whyer
Sat, 11 Oct 2003 11:02:18 PDT
My seed, (seedlings?) were another of the batches that crossed the
Atlantic twice. On receipt the most advanced had a pale leaf 2" long,
the others leaves about 1/4" long. I potted all mine in a single 6" pot,
spaced out as I would 1 year seedling bulbs (e.g. narcissus?), or small
alpine seedlings. My method of spacing delicate plants came from an
alpine book many years ago, and may be of interest to other members.
Fill the pot with compost to the level you want the bottom of the
existing roots to be, firm slightly and prop the pot securely at an
angle of about 45degrees. Layer compost about 1/2" deep up the now lower
side of the pot, to the brim, and lay on say 3 evenly spaced seedlings
at the required final planting depth. Add another layer of compost and
then another layer of say 4 seedlings. Continue the layers of compost
and seedlings until the pot is filled. Turn the pot back to the vertical
and tamp gently on a firm surface. You have a pot of, hopefully evenly
spaced, seedlings all at the required depth and with little or no damage
to the roots. I planted mine with the top of the "bulb" about 1/4" below
the surface of a 50% sand, 50% soil based commercial potting compost. I
now have 14 green leaves showing. They will stay on the kitchen floor,
immediately in front of the south facing French windows, for as long as
my wife will put up with them, or next spring, when they will go to the
frost free greenhouse for the summer.

Current bulb(ous)s flowering, colchicum speciosum album and col. 'water
lily', crocus pulchellus, kotschyanus, banaticus and speciosus (just),
oxalis flava, lobata and depressa?, galanthus reginea-olgae/corcyrensis,
habranthus candida, sternbergia clusiana?, several cyclamen, nerine
sarniensis, and the odd lingering leucojum, habranthus, albuca and
hedychium, and haemanthus albiflos in the greenhouse.

Brian Whyer, zone 8'ish, Buckinghamshire, England

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