Visit to South Africa/ Cyrtanthus

Matthew Gale
Sat, 11 Oct 2003 11:52:56 PDT
My apologies to everyone on the PBS list - as you can probably tell, I had
meant to address my previous email to Audrey Cain rather than the whole
group. Sorry for the mistake, however, I am really pleased that people seem
to be interested in discussing Cyrtanthus since I have very limited
experience with the genus and I'm very keen to learn more.

My previous experience of growing Cyrtanthus from seed was a few C.
breviflorus seed I got from the AGS, which did quite well initially only to
die a short while later (damping off?). This happened a few years ago, when
I'd first started growing bulbs and had no idea what sort of conditions
South African bulbs needed. I'm planning to use a mixture of equal parts
compost, perlite and sand for the seed that I'm getting from Silverhill,
although I'm wondering whether species like C. helictus and C. smithiae
might need even better drainage as seedlings?

Best wishes,

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