Landscaping with Bulbs--TOW

Mark Smyth
Mon, 06 Oct 2003 17:23:00 PDT
only five favourites!?

I'm not too sure on the title word landscaping but I'll tell you about by
main bulb garden.

I have 3 raised beds 18" high made from broken paving stones. In these are
my Galanthus collection too many to mention but do have a list if anyone
wants to see it. The beds are edged with hardy Geraniums mainly cinereums
and sanguiniums and Ranunculaus ficaria cultivars. Also in these beds I have
dwarf species and cultivars of Narcissus, Crocus and small species Tulips.
These beds all get full sun, when we get in from 0900 until 1800 during late
spring and summer. The beds are filled with South African annuals during the

An alpine trough 3x2 feet houses more Galanthus, small Colchicums, Trilliums
and Cyclamen.

A peat bed which doesnt get sun until 1500 or after is home to Colchicums,
Trilliums, Erythroniums, Eranthis and other non bulbous plants.

A new bed is in the pipeline and should be finished before Christmas, I
hope. It will be a scree and rock crevice bed for bulbs which need very good

I think that about covers my main garden. Very soon I will have an up to
date list of all bulbs I have in the beds for those who want to see it.

The back garden is another story nothing to do with the TOW but I'll let you
know anyway. It is home to c200 hardy Geraniums.

Northern Ireland
zone 8
where we just had the warmest Jan-Sept since records began in 1659, driest
August since 1659, warmest summer day (32C/89.6F) since 1659, the warmest
September since 1659 and the coldest September night (-2C/28.4F) since 1659
...... roll on 2004

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