Landscaping with Bulbs--TOW

Lyn Edwards
Mon, 06 Oct 2003 17:26:58 PDT
	Landscaping with bulbs? where to start? I guess the most important bulb
landscaping in my garden is the planting along the front boundary of my
suburban home.Due to regulations which don't allow front fences to be built
here I needed something to protect my garden from damage caused by children
on their way to and from school, straying dogs and the local milkman cutting
corners over my garden.
	The choice of a closely planted "hedge" of blue and white varieties of
Agapanthus has proved very successful. By planting large clumps of
daffodils,Gladiolus nanus varieties,Kniphofia Christmas Cheer and Ixias
behind the Agapanthus and leaving room for some seasonal perennials and
ground covers this has been very successful.The Agapanthus look so cool and
fresh in the middle of summer and the rest are so welcome in late winter and
spring.All the more as these have to hold their own
with the not 1 but 2 Fraxinus oxycarpa trees planted as street trees by the
powers that be. If I could get my hands on those reponsible for that choice
I'd tell them what I thought, it wouldn't be pretty.
	In my sheltered back garden I grow clumps of woodland type cold climate
bulbs in the shelter of my small collection of weeping Japanese maples,
Crabapples and deciduous Magnolias, that is Galanthus,Crocuses,Trilliums,
Fritillarias,Erythroniums,Eranthis and as many Arisaemas as I can get. These
give me great pleasure in season and once they have died down the trees take
over and shelter them from the worst of the summer heat.
	I hope this has given some idea of how I have tried to use some of my
favourite bulbs in the landscape,
Lyn Edwards
approx Zone 8 U.S.D.A- hot dry summers and cold frosty winters

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