Treasurers address

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 19 Sep 2003 21:37:43 PDT
Dear Carolyn,

I don't see that anyone answered your request for Jennifer's new address 
although someone may have written you privately. It is:
Jennifer Hildebrand , Treasurer
2000 SW 16 St.
Lincoln, NE 68522

The PBS web site that I put up until we find someone willing to take this 
on as a project and do a more complete job has a membership form on it 
which lists her address as the contact person for PBS. So if you misplace 
it again you can always look there:

and more specifically:…

Just a reminder for those of you on our list who have been wishing you 
could participate in the BX, but haven't yet joined the Pacific Bulb 
Society. If you are a new member joining from October 1st on you will 
qualify for the BX right away and new member benefits (left over BX 
offerings), will get the fourth newsletter of the year (online I think or 
maybe mailed) and will have your membership last through December 2004. The 
cost is $20 for US members and $25 for International members.

Mary Sue 

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