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Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 27 Sep 2003 11:12:39 PDT
Dear All,

All of the wiki pages start the same:

That gets you to our home page. If you add the name of the genus after this 
you will get to that genus page. If you go to the page instead of the file 
you can read what the person has said about their picture.

So if you want to look at Arnold and Jane's Colchicums you go to:…

And if you want to look at Jane's Sternbergia it would be:…

I don't know if she announced it at the time but Jane also added a very 
interesting Calochortus weedii picture while I was gone:…

Angelo Porcelli is putting on pictures of bulbs in habitat that are native 
to his area of Italy. As he adds more and more I may also make a wiki page 
just for that area with all his pictures there too like we are planning to 
do for Bos Klof in South Africa and hopefully we can do this winter for the 
Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens bulb collection. For now you can see his 
new Narcissus pictures on the Narcissus page:…

And his Cyclamen on the Cyclamen page:…

And his Biarum pictures on the Biarum page:…

If you set your browser home to the Photograph and Information page like I do:…
you can immediately find whatever genus you might want to look at.

If you look at the urls above you will see they all start the same. All 
that is different is the name of the page is added on the end.

Would whoever posted pictures of Fritillaria eastwoodii contact me 
privately so I can help you get those pictures on a wiki page? Pictures 
that are unclaimed and not put on a wiki page are eventually deleted from 
the file page. Thanks in advance.

Mary Sue

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