Tigridia--Topic of the Week

Lee Poulsen wpoulsen@pacbell.net
Tue, 23 Sep 2003 16:08:08 PDT
At 23:54 +1000 9/23/03, Paul Tyerman wrote:
>Obviously they like multiplying for us over here in Aus eh Rob?  I can't
>say I mind at all <grin>.

Don't you and Rob live in parts of Australia that are cooler than 
most of the rest of the country? The reason I ask is that I have two 
accessions of the species version of Tigridia pavonia that I got from 
Yucca Do. (I think Tony Avent of Plant Delights currently offers one 
of them.) I put a picture of one of them up on the wiki 

When I bought them, the catalog description said that they were 
collected at a much lower and hotter location than the ones that 
formed the basis of the Dutch trade cultivars. And that therefore 
they could tolerate much warmer summers than the Dutch varieties. 
They said that their accessions would easily grow and thrive in the 
Central Texas climate they are located in as opposed to the Dutch 
bulbs that never do well there. Could this be a reason some of us 
have had so much trouble with the standard varieties? I've noticed 
that most (but not all) of those who said they easily grow them come 
from climates with cooler summers (or at least cooler nights) than 
the rest of us.

>I too would like to hear about seed sources for
>the other species that Alberto mentioned.  Great intro Alberto!!

If only I had joined some of these organizations earlier, I would 
have known about Southwest Native Seeds in Tucson much sooner. They 
haven't listed any Tigridias (or color forms of Bessera) for the past 
3 years, even though they have listed some interesting things. I 
guess they only head down into Mexico to collect every so many years 
and not every year like they do other areas. (It seems to me that 
bulbs from Latin America are the least easily obtainable of all the 
regions in the world. Thad Howard's book on Bulbs for Warm Climates 
is too difficult to read sometimes because of the unfulfillable 
bulblust it induces in me.)

At 0:12 +1000 9/24/03, Paul Tyerman wrote:
>If people are interested I will try to set some seed on various of the
>Tigridias this year so I can donate to the BX.  That is assuming that
>people are interested if I am successful?  Would people only be interested
>in the species, or in the hybrids as well?

Yes, yes, yes! Both species and hybrids. (Some of us are not species 
purists...) Especially any seed of the pure colored (unmarked) T. 
pavonias all you Australasians seem to have, but I've never seen 
offered here in the States.

--Lee Poulsen
Pasadena area, California, USDA Zone 9-10

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