Elizabeth Waterman
Tue, 23 Sep 2003 16:43:02 PDT
Hi Mary Sue,

Again, many thanks for helping me out on my nemesis, the
WIKI.  I am due to get a new computer soon.  Maybe then,
I'll learn to use it.

Regarding the Tritoniopsis, I bought it at UC Berkeley
Botanical garden last year.  It originally came from
Rosendale's Nursery.
It didn't set seed, but seems to have increased in size,
i.e. more flowering stalks.  I have no idea what's happening
below ground as I haven't dug it up.  It's still in the same
1 gal black plastic pot.  No signs of seed setting in the 2
stalks that are finished.  It started blooming a month or so
ago and should finish up in a couple of weeks.

More info and another pic:…

Anapalina caffra (new name-Tritoniopsis caffra).
        We may thank Mr. Goldblatt for creating a new
monotypic-genus for this small
        RSA irid. It was shown growing in a small container
with a 10" long bloom spike
        and a few brilliant red 0.75" tubular flowers. The
irids of RSA are a joy for
        enterprising taxonomists, so every decade or so we
can expect nomenclatural
        Martin Grantham, Emeryville


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