Tigridia--Topic of the Week

Cynthia Mueller c-mueller@tamu.edu
Tue, 23 Sep 2003 16:44:49 PDT
Rob mentions 'Southwest Native Seeds' in Tucson as a source for Tigridas and other bulbs he is growing.  It doesn't appear to have a web address - who could tell us its mailing address or telephone number?  'Seeds of Change' in Tucson is mostly vegetables, etc. and does not have a Tigrida  offering, so 'Southwest Native Seeds'  must be another company? 

Cynthia Mueller
College Station, Tx
Zone 8b-9

>>> roberth6@mac.com 09/23/03 07:32AM >>>
"....Hi  all - ...Seed  for  most of  my species  came  from Southwest Native Seeds inTucson which I am  sure  will be  far  easier  for  most of  you to  
access than it  is  for  me. I also managed  to  grow and  flower the  
tiny  irid Nemastylis tenuis  nana  from their  seed but unfortunately  
  wasnt able  to maintain it in cultivation  for  very  long....


Rob in Tasmania"

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