Tigridia--Topic of the Week

Paul Tyerman ptyerman@ozemail.com.au
Tue, 23 Sep 2003 16:53:15 PDT
>Don't you and Rob live in parts of Australia that are cooler than 
>most of the rest of the country? The reason I ask is that I have two 
>accessions of the species version of Tigridia pavonia that I got from 
>Yucca Do. (I think Tony Avent of Plant Delights currently offers one 


I have colder winter temperatures than a lot of Australia (but by no means
am I the coldest <grin>.  However, our summer temps sit in the mid 30'C for
a lot of January, February and sometimes into March.  We ocassionally top
40'C.  To do a quick conversion for you that means we get to around 100'F
REGULARLY during our summer, but not really more than 105'F.  Whether you
regard that as cool or warm I do not know and you'll have to let me know.
It is not as hot as some of you get, but it ain't exactly freezing either
<big grin>

I'll see what I can do re seed of the Tigridias.  I think I have to move my
pure white one as it doesn't seem to want to flower (I received it from a
friend a couple of years back but it hasn't flowered since.... I think I
have put it in too much shelter and it doesn't get as warm as it would like
in summer.  Personally I think the hybrids DEFINITELY prefer a hot summer
rather than cooler weather.  Ours certainly come into flower only when the
weather heats up.

Does that help any with working out our temps etc and awhy we do so well
here?  If I get the time I'll try contacting a friend in another area of
Aus who gets more extreme than me here..... temps down to -15'C during
winter (as opposed to our usual -8'C or so) and up above the 40'C mark
regularly as far as I can remember.  Will check if they do well for him or
not.  That might help work out what it is in Aus that they like?  Maybe
they just happen to like our accents....although WE don't have accents,
every one else has them!! <big grin>


Paul Tyerman
Canberra, Australia.  USDA equivalent - Zone 8/9

Growing.... Galanthus, Erythroniums, Fritillarias, Cyclamen, Crocus,
Cyrtanthus, Oxalis, Liliums, Hellebores, Aroids, Irises plus just about
anything else that doesn't move!!!!!

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