Another Lycoris Trick

James Waddick
Sat, 06 Sep 2003 06:48:50 PDT
>Jim et al.
>I took a picture of my Lycoris caldwellii in bud yesterday evening. 
>Does yours look like this?

Hi Kelly;
	My L. caldwellii in bud wasn't quite as pink as the one in 
your picture.…

but almost. As the buds elongated, they got paler and paler and now a 
couple have opened to pale yellow with a faint pink midline. This 
midline will fade in time.  Although I do have another-a hybrid of 
some sort (oops, lost label) that looks very similar, except the pink 
line is even stronger and I think it will be more evident when that 
one opens too.

	The rain is still bringing on late stalks - even L.sprengeri, 
while some such as 'Spring of West lake' which had a single stalk 
about 2 weeks ago now has another half dozen. Later species are now 
just starting and I expect stragglers all of September and into Oct. 
One of the BIG advantages to growing a range of Lycoris sp and 
hybrids is the long bloom season, normally from mid-August to Mid-Oct 
as one after another comes into bloom. I love it!

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