Veltheimia deasii

Rachel Saunders
Sun, 21 Sep 2003 22:47:58 PDT
Dear Doug
I must say that I have never heard of this Veltheimia.  Where does it come
from?  Veltheimia capensis comes from a very wide range of localities -
from 50km north of Cape Town  right into the Little Karoo and up to the
Orange River on the border with Namibia.  This means that it grows in some
pretty wet areas right through to an area that gets maybe 100mm (4 inches)
of rain, so it is possible that forms from different areas have variable
characteristics.  It will be interesting to see the flower.
Rachel Saunders
Cape Town

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> I have a mature Veltheimia deasii sending up a flower spike - so what is
> unusual about that?  NOTHING!  The interesting part is that there are
> (11) leaves which. are narrower and more undulated than V. capensis.  That
> is several more than Veltheimia capensis.  YET, the "experts" are
> maintaining that it is just a variation of V. capensis.
> I can hardly wait for the thing to bloom so that I can compare it with V.
> capensis.
> Does anyone have any thoughts on the subject?
> Doug Westfall
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