New members of the list and the TOW

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 21 Sep 2003 20:55:18 PDT
Dear All,

A lot of people have joined our list in my absence and I signed up quite a 
few people who I met in South Africa after I got back. Welcome all and I 
hope some of you will be brave enough to introduce yourself to us and tell 
us what you grow and what you are interested in. It is the best way to find 
others who share your interests. Some of you won't believe it since I write 
so often now, but I was reluctant to join my first bulb list because I 
didn't want to introduce myself. But eventually my curiosity got the best 
of me and I started asking questions which has led to a wealth of 
information gained and so many wonderful friendships with others who share 
my passion. In our early archives there are many introductions from some of 
the rest of us. A number of them can be found in this archive.…
and some of us have wiki pages in addition:…

I'd like to announce the rest of the topics of the week for September. TOW 
for the new members stands for the topic of the week. Each week in addition 
to whatever else anyone wants to bring up we discuss a topic. Most of these 
have been suggested by fellow participants and I often am able to find 
someone who is willing to provide us with an introduction. We have been 
very fortunate to have had some splendid introductions. If some of you who 
have newly joined have ideas for future topics please email me privately.

This next week will be Tigridia which was started already. We will continue 
the discussion  when I post Alberto's introduction tomorrow and hopefully 
there will be a few more comments as well.

The following week's topic will be the recent IBSA Symposium and visiting 
in South Africa. Lauw de Jager has already written something about it and I 
am asking many of the rest of you who attended to share your impressions. I 
have enough for quite a few emails myself so decided it might be good just 
to make it a topic.

Mary Sue
PBS list administrator and TOW coordinator

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