Belated Eucomis posting

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 23 Sep 2003 10:24:22 PDT
Dear All,

One more message and that's all I have time for today. I have added Paul's 
pictures to the Eucomis wiki page. I agree with Mark that he could have 
been timed out or forgot to save his work. I did that more than once in the 
beginning especially having previewed everything and it all looks fine and 
then just gone to the next thing without saving my work and then been very 
unhappy when I have lost my work.…

I also added a Eucomis bicolor picture to this page that I found had been 
uploaded about the same time (August 24). Will someone claim it so we can 
credit you with the picture?

Paul, do you have species names for any of your plants? Or shall we just 
leave them under sp.? The purple color of the leaves is very nice and the 
flowers are great too. I also like your dwarf plant.

I wanted to comment on your remark that you had been too late to 
participate in the Eucomis discussion. It is never to late to add a few 
words I don't think. We recognize that people are busy or gone and may not 
be able to comment on a topic dear to their hearts when it is discussed. If 
you have information to share it is always fine to send it later. Cameron 
McMaster told me he really wanted to participate in the Eucomis discussion 
but didn't have time. I hope that once he has once again moved and is 
settled that he will send his comments to the group then. He and Rhoda told 
me the Eucomis I purchased from the Huntington as Eucomis autumnalis pink 
couldn't be that species. I think it is probably Eucomis comosa. Regardless 
it is a wonderful plant. Cameron explained how I can divide it so hopefully 
sometime this winter I'll have some plants dried up and separated to send 
to the BX.

Mary Sue

>I have uploaded pictures of a dwarf white that I have (not at this stage
>confirmed as to ID) and pictures of 2 Eucomis varieties that start their
>season with deep purple leaves (one has pink, the other white flowers).
>Paul Tyerman

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