Another Lycoris Trick

Kelly Irvin
Sat, 06 Sep 2003 07:13:36 PDT
Mine has turned the expected color, too. A number of my fall foliage 
species and hybrids are taking off now. The L. aurea var. aurea you sold 
me is about to bloom, again about 2 weeks ahead of my var. surgens like 
last season. The latter are only just now showing "signs".

When do you expect your L. radiata var. radiata to bloom? I know in zone 
7, you can pretty much mark August 31st, give or take, on your calendar, 
so I am guessing mid-September here. I've not had much luck with bloom 
on these so far, except in pots.

James Waddick wrote:

> Hi Kelly;
>     My L. caldwellii in bud wasn't quite as pink as the one in your 
> picture.

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