Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 13 Apr 2004 22:12:05 PDT
Dear All,

Jim Waddick has offered to do a topic of the week on peonies some time and 
I am looking forward to it. I always assumed it wouldn't be cold enough 
here in Northern California to grow them, but then on a trip to Australia 
we got to visit Trevor Nottle's garden near Adelaide. His garden is a 
Mediterranean garden and his philosophy seemed to be that in the summer you 
rest when it rests. We saw it in spring and I was really taken with the 
gorgeous peonies he had grown from seed. He told us he looked for species 
that flowered early before it got really hot. At the time I told myself 
that I had enough to grow without getting hooked on something else, but 
when we looked at our slides of his garden, those pictures of the peonies 
were some of my favorites.

Jane's pictures give a beginning idea of the variety. What a great start 
for that wiki page.

I am sure we all wish Jim a good trip and good sales for his book.

Mary Sue

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