James Waddick
Tue, 13 Apr 2004 18:38:12 PDT
Dear All;
	I have briefly spoken up about accepting peonies into our 
geophytic company. They certainly has the life style and structure of 
most fall planted hardy bulbs.
	I recently heard of person who managed to grow P. corsica 
from seed to bloom in only 2 years. I'm not sure if that was seed in 
summer of year 1 and bloom in spring of year 3 or seedling in spring 
of year 1 and bloom in spring of year 3. Probably the latter, but 
still extraordinarily fast.

	I have my first bloom on P. mlokosewitschii yesterday and 
more species are full of buds..

	I think all the species have consideration above and beyond 
the fleeting explosion of gorgeous flowers. There is a range of size 
and form from the smallest rock garden types (a foot or even less) to 
near shrubs over 4 feet tall (and not including the woody species). 
Foliage can range from needle like and ferny to large, rounded oval 
and rough with many variables in between.

	This also gives me an opportunity to mention the new book 
(The Genus Paeonia) by the eminent Czech botanist Josef Halda with 
help from me (Timber Press) that is just out and available from all 
the usual sources. More details than most casual growers will ever 
need. Some incredible color plates and line drawings that alone are 
worth the price.

	I'm leaving Thursday am to lead a group of intrepid 
travellers to the annual tree peony festivals in NE China. We're 
hoping to see hundreds of thousands of tree peonies in bloom. Our 
group includes some well known names of peony growers from the US, 
Canada, Germany, Australia and Denmark.

	And more to go.		Best and thanks Jane.		Jim W.
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