Kevin D. Preuss hyline@tampabay.rr.com
Thu, 22 Apr 2004 01:37:15 PDT
I know that there are many members who grow at least a few species.  Yes,
the genus provides blooms from Feb to Nov.

The Mexican species are the easier ones for most to try.  The tropical and
SE US spp. are more difficult to grow, that is they need more attention.
The Mexican species really ought to do well in California to Texas, as well
as Australia and the Med. regions.

Dave Lehmiller has distributed many taxa via the IBS BX.
I think if the plants were made more available bulb enthusiasts would really
enjoy these.

While they may become slightly untidy in the autumn, they are excellent in
the garden.

Many people are easily hooked on this genus once they flower a few spider
lilies!  The variations in floral scents is amazing, becoming strongest in
the evening.

A collection of 7-8 species can provide spider lily blooms from early Spring
through late Autumn.  Hymenocallis tubiflora flowers sporadically from  May
through November.  The tropical ones flower more prolifically than the
Mexican ones, which are typically limited to one bloom /year.  If you have a
water garden, many of the US species will bloom in the Spring.

Kevin Preuss

Ismenes and Leptochiton are breaking dormancy now and will be flowering

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