Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Wed, 21 Apr 2004 23:07:34 PDT
Dear All,

I don't grow any species in this genus. The closest is an Ismene that I've 
been growing for a long time that seemed happier in Stockton than it is in 
coastal Northern California. Lee Poulsen and Bill Dijk obviously grow 
Hymenocallis as they have pictures on our wiki Hymenocallis page. Kevin has 
really covered the subject well which may be why not many people are 
contributing to this topic. But I think it is always a bit discouraging to 
the person who does the introduction if there aren't questions or comments.

Please anyone who grows Hymenocallis tells us where you live and which ones 
you have found you can grow successfully where you live. Kevin, do you have 
blooms from Hymenocallis for most of the year or primarily spring into summer?

This doesn't sound like a plant for those in Northern California or the 
Pacific Northwest. Bill Dijk can grow everything in New Zealand however. 
Are any of the members of this group who live in Texas growing these or 
anyone from the Southern United States? And how about members of our list 
from Australia?

Lee, please tell us about the ones you grow.

Mary Sue

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