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Thu, 15 Apr 2004 10:22:53 PDT
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> I like to have certain paperwhites in the house, but not others . . . 
Jane, et all ~

I am growing and testing for possible introduction a Paper White hybrid (or 
selection), 'Miss Linda,' that does not possess (to my degree of detection) the 
objectionable muskiness of the standard Paper White.  The fragrance is much 
lighter and rather pleasant, even indoors.  It has another interesting trait, 
as well, as the main stems will carry upwards of 50-60 flowers!  Each bulb will 
also produce multiple stems.  Alas, it does have a downside, but only for 
those who aren't content until every wall in the house is papered over with 
ribbons, it has typical Paper White form and not the more refined form of the 
several, widely available Israeli hybrids.

Dave Karnstedt
Cascade Daffodils
Silverton, ORegon

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