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> Fortunately, in cheese, the stronger and worse the smell, the better the
> flavour usually is. Forget the pussy-footed brie, try some of the red-rinded
> Belgian ones, with what can only be called (politely) a faecal odour, but
> heavenly flavour! There is an English one called Stinking Bishop, much the
> same.

John ~

Yikes!  My wife is a microbiologist and on a first-name basis with many a bug 
so we're rather restrained in our preferences for cheese.  To my taster and 
smeller, a reasonably fresh, triple-creme brie on chunks of Bartlett pear or 
fresh sourdough comes close to Heaven with its delightful fresh butter taste.  A 
good accompaniment would be a California chardonnay not been aged in oak.  
That your nose even allows your throat to function without freezing up at the 
very thought of "some of the red-rinded Belgian ones, with what can only be 
called (politely) a faecal odour" 
astounds me!  Perhaps, with your "Stinking Bishop," an appropriate wine would 
be a vintage of our very own "Fat Bastard."  

Each to his own, say I!

Must admit to a bit of curiosity, tho.  If the fragrance of hyacinth is 
objectionable, what then about freesia, another strong (and to many people) 
delightful fragrance that, often, is difficult to get enough of?

Dave Karnstedt
Silverton, ORegon

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